HydroxyColl™ - Product Overview

HydroxyColl™is a novel bone graft substitute which combines bone’s two main constituents, collagen and hydroxyapatite, in a bioactive scaffold for the repair of bone tissue defects. Collagen is a natural biopolymer while hydroxyapatite is the ceramic mineral found in naturally occurring bone tissue.

The HydroxyColl™scaffold is a highly porous (>99%) bioactive and biodegradable matrix that is specifically optimised to facilitate and promote bone tissue healing. It performs as an osteoinductive scaffold without the need for expensive and potentially dangerous bone regenerative agents (such as Bone Morphogenetic Proteins). HydroxyColl™’s mechanical properties, in combination with the excellent biocompatibility, biodegradability and pore architecture of a collagen-only scaffold, offer superior regenerative performance to currently available bone graft substitutes.

HydroxyColl™is capable of directing bone regeneration while supporting the body’s own natural healing process and is completely replaced by newly formed, healthy bone tissue. In vitro and pre-clinical performance has demonstrated superior results to existing competitor products and to the current “gold standard” autograft procedure.





Resorbed into the body over time

Biocompatible and Bioactive

Facilitates complete osteogenesis

High porosity

    Facilitates bone cell migration through matrix

    Increased cellular nutrient and waste exchange

High permeability

Facilitates conductivity of fluid through the matrix

Mechanically strong

Facilitates handling and ease of use
Provides structure within which bone reforms

High degree of pore interconnectivity

Prevents avascular necrosis
Increases cell mobility